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Manufactured from high quality raw materials, these RFID Labels are available in various customized sizes. These labels can be deployed on carton boxes and packaging material to track items in the supply chain.  These labels can also be used to track library books and asset management.

We are into the service of delivering the advanced electronic label which is used to provide the unique identification of the item . The label is equipped with the best technology associated with the RFID Label textual implementation.. The tiny module of the programmable built in with on the label that identity of the item specifically.

In the today technology the products of the various items and sources are same and the products will be determined depend on the each of the individual identity rfid label with complete data specification. The valid of the product is increased the level of trust on the products from garments to electronic devices. For each and every equipements the RFID label with thick cover paper.

The specification of the RFID Label is

Frequency range :-- 13.56 MHz ,125 KHz. & 800MHz to 950MHz
Substrates :- PVC , PET, Polyster
Temperature :- -20°C + 60°C
Personalization :- serial no Laser engraving, Printing.
Application :- Access Library applications , ,Auto industries , Chemical industries ,Cold Chain logistic ,Airport bag tracking.
Protection class:- IP 66.

We have the clients in India and around the world . We also manufacture the other products such as - NFC Tag,NFC Sticker,RFID Solar Tag,Solar RFID,Smart Card,Windshield Tag,RFID,AVI Tag,Animal ID Tag,Jewellery RFID Tag,Jewelry RFID Tag,RFID Manufacturer,Asset,RFID Tag,RFID Asset Tracking or Asset RFID Tag,RFID Label,RFID Metal Tag .

For more information of the RFID Label can call us or can even fill in the details in our portal we will revert back to you shortly.

RFID Label
RFID Label
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