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Inventory Management

Inventory management is the backbone for almost all the companies in the modern industrial world. Inventory management is very much essential to define the growth, survival or the success of any business. Poor inventory management can lead to sales reduction, loss of revenue which in turn can result in the failure of a business.

Having taken into account the features of modern warehouse management, Identis put forward a warehouse management system (WMS) based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and probe into the structure and operation flow of the system. The WMS will adopt RFID middleware as the support platform, cover goods entry, picking, checking, delivery and many other operation flows and can collect, deliver, check, and update mass data on the frequent warehouse entry and delivery so as to decrease the labor intensity, avoid fault scanning, miss scanning, re-scanning and other artificial errors and improve the efficiency and accuracy. The WMS based on RFID will help to improve the efficiency of warehouse management and make rapid self-recording of receiving and delivery.

Identis provides End to End to solutions for warehouse management system which includes Readers, Tags and Software and also integration with existing ERP/SAP applications.

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