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Smart Cards Manufacturer


Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is experiencing an unprecedented growth with increased standards, lower costs, improved reliability and greater adoption rates. RFID technology is being sought after by various business sectors for bringing greater efficiency, accuracy, productivity and connectivity in their business processes. The manufacturing industry has been using RFID technology for quite some time now. Most manufacturers are aware of the benefits that RFID brings to the supply chain but they often overlook the benefits that RFID technology can provide in the actual manufacturing process. Automotive manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, textile and clothing manufacturers, machinery and spare parts manufacturers all can benefit from integrating RFID in their manufacturing processes as well as other business processes.

RFID Tags Benefits

On the actual factory floor where production is taking place, RFID can be immensely helpful. Many a times production involve processes in harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperature, humidity, abrasion, presence of chemicals or other fluids; RFID systems that can withstand extreme environmental conditions can come in handy to control and monitor operations and thus increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process. RFID tags can store lots of information; this information can be used to optimize production processes. In assembly line production such as automotive manufacturing, RFID can aid in making manufacturing process more flexible. Additionally, RFID technology can be leveraged to monitor equipment within the facility by tagging machines, conveyors, trucks, or forklifts. Also the raw material required for production can be tagged using RFID, this will allow monitoring real-time movements of raw materials which in turn can lead to efficient production planning.

Identis is pioneered in providing end to end RFID solutions for manufacturing industries.

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