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Rfid Transportation & Logistics

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is a welcome revolution in the world of logistics. RFID technology is enabling many transportation and logistics companies to achieve near perfect shipping, receiving and order accuracy rates – along with greater inventory accuracy, nearly 30% faster order processing speeds and a 30% reduction in labor costs.

The technology is progressing each day that RFIDs do not even require the product to be in the line of sight. The readers can read and keep information up-to-date. This increased visibility of goods enhances efficiency of the complete supply chain process. Thus, businesses have all control over the movement of goods.

RFID has brought in the most sought ‘end-to-end product visibility’ into the world of logistics and supply chain management. This real-time updated information helps to maximize efficiency, reduce operational costs as well as improve customer satisfaction. As the vendors receive more cost-to-volume benefits, the penetration of such technologies will increase.

Identis provides complete end to end solutions for Transportation and Logistics Industry with complete Hardware and Software.

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