Rfid Asset Management In India


Rfid Asset Management In India

With the technological boom in recent decades, the economy has witnessed an increased demand for RFID asset management in India. As it is commonly known, the main application of RFID technology is to locate items it is attached to. This functionality has become increasingly important and businesses rely on the asset for their operations. Whether it’s tracking your luggage while travelling or keeping track of important physical assets such as computers, automobiles, and tools, asset tracking technology has become the key to ensuring the asset's safety.

Identis is one such company that specialises in RFID asset management in India spanning across industries and various utilities. Backed by 80-plus years of collective industrial experience, we have leveraged existing technologies and have gone on to become the most respected and performance-driven manufacturer of intelligent tracking devices. Some of the sectors where our products are deployed include asset management, animal identification, supply chain, inventory management, etc.

What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to comprehend client needs, design, prototype, and produce high-quality products on a wide scale. We are also an ISO 9001-2015, SCOSTA, ICAR, CE and ARSENAL-compliant company, which leverages our standing in the market as a quality-driven and customer-centric company.

We have a significant investment in R&D initiatives to keep ahead of the competition and develop competencies in RFID asset management in India with the potential to completely transform the industry. All of this in addition to meeting customer expectations. Over the years, we have amassed an amazing clientele that includes companies such as Mahindra, Microsoft, Honeywell, Aurobindo, Reliance Industries, Delhi Metro, and others.

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