Animal Ear Tag

Animal Ear Tag- Low Frequency

Identis LF Animal Ear Tags are designed and manufactured as per the ICAR Certification guidelines and are made of high quality to match the animal industry-standard applications.

Animal Ear Tag Manufacturers
  • Works with industry Standard 134 KHz Frequency
  • ISO 11784/85 Compliant
  • ICAR Certified Tag
  • Excellent Read Performance


ISO Protocol ISO 11784/85
Operating Frequency LF-134.2 KHz
IC type Hitag-s5
Dimensions 30 mm round
Material TPU
Operating Temperature - 20 ⁰C to + 60⁰C
Fixing Using a Applicator
Customization Options Laser Printing, Domino Printing, Personalization, Color options
Applications Animal Tracking

NFC Mobile Tag