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Let your search for premium grade tags end with Identis, top NFC Tags manufacturers. Identis Tech Solutions, founded in 2010 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of RFID tags in various frequencies and formats for use in RFID applications. Our passive RFID-based linked intelligence solutions have been used in multiple sectors, including asset management, animal identification, supply chain, and logistics.

What is NFC Tags

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a collection of standards that allows smartphones and other devices to interact via radio signals when they are held near together. NFC functions in a similar way as RFID, although with a considerably shorter range. NFC-enabled devices may communicate with other NFC-enabled devices and NFC tags, which are unpowered. They don't require their battery or power source. NFC tags may be utilized as a more convenient alternative to QR codes at their most basic level. To avail the tags from the top NFC Tags manufacturers, ring us up.

Nfc Tags manufacturers and suppliers - Identis

We are one leading Nfc Tags manufacturers and suppliers. Identis has been proudly offering solutions to our clients worldwide alongside our expertise in NFC tag. Identis can design and produce any type of customized tags suited to the specific operating environment and packaging.

Our products include NFC tags, contactless cards, NFC Tag, labels, wristbands, etc. Our tags are utilized in diverse applications including retail, logistics, healthcare, government, public transport, entertainment business, and educational institutions for security and access control, time and attendance, asset management, factory automation, inventory control, etc… Stay connected with us & read more about us: RFID Tags Manufacturer