RFID Smart Card Manufacturers

RFID Smart Card Manufacturers

End your search for the best quality and durable RFID smart cards with Identis Tech solutions, the country’s top RFID Smart Card Manufacturers. Established in 2010, we provide RFID-based linked intelligence solutions for asset management, animal identification, supply chain, and logistics.

RFID Smart Card Manufacturers - Identis Tech solutions

From simple magnetic stripe cards to RFID and NFC cards, smart cards have come a long way. RFID Smart Cards offer a wide range of applications, including identity management, access control, logistics, healthcare, transportation, and mobile communication. An RFID Smart Card has an embedded chip (integrated circuit) to store data and contain a programmable microcontroller. Both the card and the card reader are generally included in a smart card system. The smart card's electrical characteristics are based on the ISO 7816 standard. This contains information on the dimensions and locations of the smart card's various contact points. To procure these cards from the leading RFID Smart Card Manufacturers, give us a call.

We're a distinguished RFID Smart Card Manufacturers, and suppliers in Hyderabad. We're offering a range of these cards, made using different accoutrements similar as PVC as per the client’s requirements. We offer superior quality smart cards to our guests. Our manufacturing is backed by complete experts, where our specialists make use of rearmost technologies to bring out the finest quality of cards. These cards can be customized to suit your conditions, both in terms of their appearance and encryption.

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