RFID Solar Tags

RFID Solar Tags

Let your search for premium-grade RFID solar tags end with Identis Tech solutions. Identis Tech Solutions, founded in 2010 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of RFID devices in various frequencies and formats for use in RFID applications. Our passive RFID-based linked intelligence systems have benefited asset management, animal identification, supply chain, and logistics.

premium-grade RFID solar tags

We provide a wide selection of specifically developed RFID Solar Tags or RFID Solar Panel Tags with a more extended read range than ordinary passive UHF tags. With higher read rates on solar panels and modules, these tags guarantee perfect dependability and precision. They're made for Solar Panels that need to survive for a long time in a challenging environment. It also has a serial number that allows the module to be identified. To procure these tags from the leading RFID Solar tags manufacturers, call us during business hours.

Absolute trust ability and delicacy, with superior read rates on solar panels and modules. We're the largest supplier of RFID Solar tags to the Solar Industry in India. Stay connected with us today. Having an enhanced read range and reduced size, Identis tag combines the stylish of both worlds - tags that can be read at longer distances but have a lower footmark. This makes them ideal for- Tracking solar panels-Individual panel identification - Icing adherence to MNRE norms

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