RFID traceability in India

RFID traceability in India

Connect with Identis Tech for the most reliable and efficient RFID traceability in India.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, we are a 10-plus-year-old company with an impressive track record in the field of RFID technology and its application. We envision a world seamlessly connected while allowing businesses across the globe to improve operations, engage customers, and drive overall growth. Some of our applications include asset management, animal identification, supply chain, and logistics. Our services are also applied in counterfeit prevention, protection, and brand engagement among others.

Here at Identis Tech, we have built our team from scratch and onboard professionals who not only possess the skill but also share a common vision to enable industrial operations through RFID technology. Each personnel leverage their knowledge and expertise to develop cutting-edge RFID technology that caters to a wide variety of business applications.

Our commitment to the field has earned us the trust of various clients over the years which includes L&T Construction, ADP, Microsoft, Big Basket, Hitachi Consulting, Delhi Metro, Reliance Industries, etc. At the heart of all our efforts is our deep understanding of the industry and taking our customer's input to deliver high-performance RFID solutions to meet their exact needs.

For assured and reliable RFID traceability in India, connect with Identis Tech today!

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