RFID Windshield Tag Manufacturers

RFID Windshield Tag Manufacturers

Identis Tech Solutions is a top RFID windshield tag manufacturer, paving the path for seamless connectivity and easy tracking applications. Formed in 2010 with a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, we seek to become a trusted partner for our clients for all RFID and contactless tracking solutions.

Founded by a team of technocrats in 2010, we have grown from scratch to become a leading RFID technology solutions provider and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible and help empower businesses.

As a high-demand RFID windshield tag manufacturer, rigorous testing and strict adherence to quality regulations are the hallmarks of our entire operations. Our team of designers, engineers, and technicians come with considerable experience in the field and ensure that the production process is robust and efficient. For this reason, we have built a long list of clients who rely on us when it comes to intelligent tracking devices. This includes Mahindra, Microsoft, Honeywell, L&T Construction, Aurobindo, etc.

Join the most trusted RFID windshield tag manufacturer in the business and reshape the future of connectivity and intelligent tracking.

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